Our Hunts

Our Hunts

Our open water hunts offer the best scenic views and hunting opportunities in Eastern North Carolina.

We are located within Onslow County along the New River. If you are local, you will find you can hunt a wide variety of waterfowl in your own back yard without having to waste time and money traveling to the Outer Banks.  If you are from out of town, we can provide you with a great experience that will leave you wanting more.

Based on your hunting preferences, we can provide you with a wide variety of hunting opportunities.  From the swamp and up-river kayak hunts going after puddle ducks to knocking down divers on the open water, we can assure you that you will have ample opportunity to knock down a few birds...the rest is up to you.

If you have big game tags, bring them!  Our up-river kayak hunts will provide you the opportunity to hunt a variety of other game that is in season.

What you need:  Shotgun (plugged not to exceed 3 rounds), Steel shot ammo, a set of waders and other cold/wet weather clothing, and all licensing required to hunt in NC to include stamps and HIP number.  If you have a dog, your are more than welcome to bring him/her along.

Note: See the NC Wildlife tab on our resources page for hunting requirements and additional information on hunting in NC. 

Or click here: North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission.